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We are looking for educators who are bold enough to help prepare Bronx students for college success and the future of work. Our educators must teach to the opportunities and complexities tomorrow presents — requiring teachers to work hard, be adaptable, and continuously learn. Apply now if you are ready to cause a ruckus and do something epic!

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Be Bold for the Bronx

Why Join Our Crew? 

At Pharos Academy, we believe in the team (or CREW as we call it). If you look behind the veil of any work of greatness, you will uncover a dedicated team of diverse individuals. The values of the school community inspire our staff and guide how we show up and contribute. The values extend from the classroom to the workspaces, where teachers work and learn together. The work of educating children is too important and complex to go at it alone. We think together is better.

Pharos C.R.E.W.S Values 

Collaboratively Curious

Everyone can help us figure it out. We must continue to work together, tinker together, and learn to push past the status quo and create work that matters.

Collaboratively Curious
Radical Inclusivity

All people have differences and idiosyncrasies that should be welcomed, appreciated, elevated, and considered. We must actively seek out and celebrate different voices, cultures, perspectives, and people who may be different or think differently from us.

Radical Inclusivity

Excellence is not a destination but a never-ending journey. It is a habit and a way of life for all members of our community.We all have to push ourselves to become kinder and better versions of ourselves each day. To accomplish this, we must employ candor and transparency around performance and instigate feedback loops to improve our practice consistently.

"Wow" Level Service

We aim to consistently create “wow experiences” for students, families, the community, and other colleagues. Our service and support go beyond satisfying basic job expectations. We are committed to doing the unexpected, doing more than adequate, being creative, and serving others. Bringing the wow will create brand loyalty and create wonderful experiences for the people within our community.

"Wow" Level Service

The culture of tribes is passed down through storytelling. Members should always look to share positive gossip and stories about students, parents, and staff members. How we talk about members and events that take place in our school defines our culture.

Our Competitive Benefits Package

At Pharos Academy, we care about teachers as people. Take a look at our comprehensive benefits packages offered to all full time employees.

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PHACS Performance-Based Salary

Great teachers are the foundation of our school community . Take a look at how we reward and recognize teachers that show up and prove what is possible.

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