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Leading Teams to Excellence At Pharos Academy Charter School, leaders develop and nurture high performing teams. One of the most critical factors of success is who supports our people and leads our teams. We make sure leaders are equipped with soft and hard skills to bring the best out of people.

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Pharos four key leadership practices 

Pharos four key leadership practices

Culture Builder

Culture is the only thing. The culture and dynamics of individual teams can vary widely across and organization. Leaders have to make sure the teams' culture is positive, collaborative, and focused on organizational goals.


Connector Manager

We know that leaders don't know it all. We train our leaders to coach in their areas of expertise and then connect employees to other people, experiences, and resources to grow in the areas where the leader is not the expert.


Capacity Builder

We believe great leaders help build capacity in others. In the short term, it is more efficient to tell people what to do and manage the results, but this approach does not make people better. Building capacity empowers people to make decisions and have autonomy over their job.


Servant Leader

As leaders, we serve our teachers, students, and parents. Leadership is not about ego or titles but rather about ensuring that others have the experiences needed to become better and kinder each day.

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