Crew Life

Culture of Achievement 

The Pharos student community is guided by our Four Habits of Scholars. These 4 habits represent a culture of achievement that we've created for all Pharos Scholars. Students are taught about these habits and are expected to routinely display them in school and within their community. The 4 habits are essential to our culture and community at Pharos and have become the foundation and principals of our Crews.

Pharos Four Habits of Scholars 

Pharos Four Habits of Scholars

Critical Thinking & Creativity

Critical thinking & creativity helps us to think outside the box and come up with new and better solutions. This is demonstrated by the ability to problem solve, seek different perspectives, and consider multiple strategies when faced with a challenge.


Self-Direction and Management

Those who practice self-direction & management take responsibility for their own future. But taking ownership doesn't mean doing it alone - it also means seeking help when needed and using your skills to encourage & support your community.


Effective Communication

Effective Communicators do more than just talk or exchange information. Effective communication requires an understanding of how to clearly convey a message and receive a message. For the speaker, it allows for clear and concise expression of information and emotion. For the listener, the information is received in a way that allows the speaker to know they are heard and understood.


Active Community Membership

Being an active community member means identifying and making positive contributions to the many communities that we belong to. Collaboration, respect, and support among our scholars makes our community stronger and more fun!

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About Our Crews

"Crews" refer to the sport of rowing, where all members are accountable to each other; to compete in rowing, all members must be on the same page and row together. Similarly, our scholars work together to earn points for their crew through academic and community achievements. Each crew represents one of the 4 habits of scholars.

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Crew of: Ownership
Scholar Habit: Self Direction/Management
Crew Color: Yellow/Gold
Key Words: Independence & Determination
Origin: Latin for "ownership"


Crew of: Communication
Scholar Habit: Effective Communication
Crew Color: Red
Key Phrase: The power to inspire & empower others
Origin: Hausa for "communication"


Crew of: Community
Scholar Habit: Active community membership
Crew Color: Blue
Key Words: Unity, love, teamwork
Origin: French for "community"


Crew of: Critical Thinking
Scholar Habit: Critical thinking & creativity
Crew Color: Purple & Black
Key Words: Inquiry, the search of knowledge & achievement
Origin: Spanish for "thinking"

Benefits of Crew Life 

At Pharos, we have created a socially and emotionally supportive environment. Our Crew system benefits our scholars in the following ways:

  • Prevents social isolation & bullying
  • Healthy competition & camaraderie
  • Feeling of identity & belonging
  • Sense of tradition & leadership opportunities
Benefits of Crew Life

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